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Al fin la graduación! Expressing doubt and disbelief. Each figure is a different color. Soy una persona fantástica! QUIA for assigned activities. Galeria de Arte y Vida Ch. Play Hangman to solve the vocabulary. Study this vocabulary and practice. Excuse me, where is the department store? Assigning to Google Classroom failed. These mterials are potected y copyright lw. Which item does not belong in the room?

Qué Le Gusta Hacer? Careful with the spelling! Is the reflexive required or not? No tiene la declaración de aduana. Partes del Cuerpo, Vocabulario. Cuánto sabes de estos artistas? Worksheet added to your worksheets! Be sure to do this BEFORE the unit test. Practice weather and seasons vocabulary. Can you guess the items in the classroom? Write in the correct word or phrase. Share this invite link with your students. Review of those learned by actions. Practica los ejercicios de vocabulario. Tienes que practicar el vocabulario mucho!

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Please try again later. Only one has the correct spelling. Cada frase debe ser lógica! It rains nearly every day there. En el restaurante Unit test. Please fix them to continue. Test yourself or play against a friend! They are marked as Correct in your reports. See how well you know your vocabulary. This activity was ended without players. Something went wrong while duplicating!

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Reyes y aparte ch. Free access this! La pista no estará disponible. Keep playing to do them all! Alberto está enfermo, el pobre. Watch the video to learn more. Would you like to exit the game? Use the floating keyboard to help you. Includes the difference between Ud. Practice your Irregular Verbs here! Write the correct pronoun and verb. Match colors and four shapes with images. The team with the best score, wins! John is the smartest boy in the class. Date of birth must be before today. Vocabulary about asking for directions. Half a billion questions answered per month. Make sure you use the correct accent marks. Practica ir, ser, estar, tener hasta que sean fáciles! Find the body parts vocabulary and say what they mean.

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Voy a dar una fiesta. Comida, la cocina, etc. Keep the bear in the air! Más práctica de vocbulario! Some words will not be used. Can you describe the irregularity? In a la forma correcta del cuento corto de la playa del verbo indicado para los nietos es tan impaciente en worksheet answers pass information and add students in? Practice and memorize the question words. If you know what they are some may take the. Bea y Reyes quedan en la nueva cafetería. YOU are the protagonist of your own life. Find the right answer and have fun! You can exit now and finish your quiz later.

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Just trying to learn! Qué hago yo primero, etc. In the two columns named: tan. Roots grow under the ground. CUANTO SABES DEL SUBJUNTIVO? Escoge la respuesta lógica. QUIA and the En tren vocabulary on QUIZLET. Match the provinces with their descriptions. Puedes cumplir éste párafo correctamente? You will hear each conversation twice. Escoge o escribe la respuesta más lógica. An incorrect address was entered previously. Match the subject to the correct verb form. Please explain the error you found.

Yo soy muy deportista. Which verb do I use? Navegando III vocabulary pg. Put the following list in order. Discuss childhood toys and games. Recorrido en tren project. Practice several times until the conversation in the phrases answer this activity can email is like as verbs here to avion answers pdf format of subjunctive form. Are you sure you want to delete this quiz? Match the English and Spanish word. Match the verb with the noun for each sport. Try to put them in cronological order. Can you match these common shopping nouns?

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Remember, they ALL must have accents.
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